The home for ancient memes

Where they can haz cheeseburgers all day
Where jokes of nuking each other from space crack
Where everyone fusses over a grumpy cat
Where the cry of Ermahgerd echoes
Where an overly manly man flexes, endlessly
Where sad hipsters say many things
Where planking takes place every evening
Where the X all the Ys, and Y all the Xs
Where ice buckets become challenging
Where smugshrugs shrug smugly
Where seals have awkward moments
Where they debate the colour of a dress
Where they still Netflix and chill
Where…I’d definitely continue, but
Ain’t nobody got time for that

PS Cottier


Discuss the colour of this Tudor, dress-like thing.

My last post!

September 26, 2013

No, not on this blog, dear reader. Still those sobs.

If you dare, click that link and read my final post for Australian Poetry on the Wonders of the Web or How I Learnt to Love the Difference Engine.

This blog tends towards the short and sarcastic, so it was fun to be able to write some long pieces elsewhere.