Blemished Evening Flyer


Now is (almost) the time to come and hear novella-ist Nigel Featherstone, and poets JC Inman and P.S. Cottier. We’re all published by Blemish Books. Band Jason Recliner will open proceedings at Smiths Alternative on Thursday, 20th June at 6pm.

Smiths has a bar.
Smiths has a bar.
Smiths has a bar.

Here’s a link to a new review of Triptych Poets Issue Three: in Verity La, an Australian journal. Tim Jones also reviewed the book previously, on his blog. Way back in November.

Spoiler alert: Mark William Jackson likes it!


Now, it may be just a tad late to stuff it into someone’s stocking in a Christmas related capacity, but why not make your New Year’s Resolution to read more poetry? I intend to read only poetry next year. But that’s just me. I’ll be boring on about that soon. In the meantime, your fingers are moving towards this link. They will press it. You will find that they are delving into your purse or wallet, and extracting your credit card. Somehow, your pesky digits enter your number. And in a while, the book will arrive, with three poets for the price of one. You will kiss your wise fingers, and run out to buy them gloves (should it be cold where you are), or to have a manicure (if, like me, you are a tad vain).

But you will thank your prescient fingers, again and again, as you read the book which Mark William Jackson describes as ‘just straight peaks from start to finish.’

I’m blushing as I paste in that quote, but modesty, they say, is a virtue. So it’s good to parade it.

Christmas. Good. Have.


September 21, 2012

Last night Paul Hetherington launched Triptych Poets Issue Three, and a good time was had by all. I enjoyed Paul’s comments, although I became quite alarmed as he emphasised the way I use ideas in my poetry. I had had one or two drinks and could feel the few remaining ideas in my brain rapidly taking leave through my ears, their little wings stroking the lobes as they took off. It’s the sort of situation where you just nod and smile.

Fortunately I read first, before the last idea fairy had flown to a more fertile and curly cortex, throwing a look of disgust over her fickle shoulder.

J.C. Inman (Josh) gave an energetic and charismatic reading.

The launch was quite interesting in that it brought together people with their roots in the slam poetry scene, and those whose emphasis has always been on the written word. There were lots of people and I think we sold a few books too.

Thank you to Paul Hetherington. I would love to read what he wrote, as I am always too edgy at launches to take everything in. Thanks also to Paperchain Books, and all the people who came. Here is the MC for the evening, Lesley Boland from Blemish Books.

I bought myself a Where’s Wally? lunchbox as a souvenir. See, I really am an intellectual… I also have an idea for my next book’s title. A lady said that I was quite well-dressed, for a poet. Well Dressed for a Poet could be a goer. What do you think of that for a title?

If you would like to partake of the book, please head here, and Blemish Books will assist you in your noble endeavour.

No Tuesday poem from me!

September 17, 2012

I am fully focussed on the launch of Triptych Poets Issue 3 on Thursday evening.


(Manuka, Paperchain Books, 6pm.)

So please see me as NASA, pre-launch mode, all nervous nail-biting and tapping. Although I hope I am somewhat less daggy than the average NASA scientist. (No offence.  I’m sure some of them are totally gorgeous, comb-overs or thin ponytails and all.)

Regular readers will notice that I have removed the sticky page introducing myself that has graced my blog since time immemorial.  It seemed a tad dated.

But details of my books and how to order are now on the ABOUT page.  So go there and buy!

And head over to New Zealand for a poetic fix.  Unless you’re in Canberra, in which case, save it for Thursday. And enjoy wine with Josh and myself. And the luvverly publishers, Lesley and Greg of Blemish Books.

Book launch

August 24, 2012

Here’s the cover of my, or rather, our new book. Joan Kerr and J.C. Inman and myself each have a suite of poems in Triptych Poets Issue Three, published by Blemish Books.

The launch will be held at Paperchain Books in Manuka on 20th September at 6pm. Refreshments! Readings! Two out of three of the poets! Unfortunately Joan Kerr will not be there. I do hope I get to meet her some time.

Dr Paul Hetherington will be doing the honours. Do get along if you’re in Canberra. Josh (aka J.C.) reads well, and I’m not totally shabby either, so it should be fun.

I’ll post details of where you can order the book soon.