My last post!

September 26, 2013

No, not on this blog, dear reader. Still those sobs.

If you dare, click that link and read my final post for Australian Poetry on the Wonders of the Web or How I Learnt to Love the Difference Engine.

This blog tends towards the short and sarcastic, so it was fun to be able to write some long pieces elsewhere.


I will be writing about poetry at the Australian Poetry site over the next month, as their on-line Poet in Residence. Inaugural Poet in Residence, which makes it sound slightly Presidential. If you feel like it, press that link which will take you to the site. This first piece is just a general introduction to me.
a little tired and emotional

You can see what a keen mind Australia Poetry has on its hands for a month…Gloved in synapses, they will be.

I’ll be talking about reading only poetry next week, and how I have gone nine months untainted by prose. Should be fun!