So who is in it?

May 22, 2014

I thought people might be interested to know who is in The Stars Like Sand: Australian Speculative Poetry. So here is the full list:

David Adès, Zoë Anderson, Jude Aquilina, Emilie Zoey Baker, Catherine Bateson, Eric Beach, Judith Beveridge, Jenny Blackford, Peter Boyle, John Le Gay Brereton, Sara Bruxner, joanne burns, Michael Byrne, Caroline Caddy, me, Mike Crowl, Victor J. Daley, Luke Davies, C.J. Dennis, Jake Dennis, Benjamin Dodds, Joe Dolce, Michael Dransfield, Diane Fahey, Mary Hannay Foott, Carolyn Gerrish, Kevin Gillam, Alan Gould, John Grey, Lesbian Harford, Dimitra Harvey, Ron Heard, Eliza-Jane Henry-Jones, Matt Hetherington, Paul Hetherington, Dorothy Hewett, Marilyn Humbert, Lisa Jacobson, John Jenkins, Jill Jones, Raphael Kabo, Melinda Kallasmae, S.K. Kelen, Earl Livings, Chris Lynch, Emily Manger, Catherine Martin, M.F. McAuliffe, Victoria McGrath, Jo Mills, Peter Minter, Lizz Murphy, Les Murray, Jan Napier, John Shaw Neilson, Barry O’Donahue, Jan Owen, Moya Pacey, Andrew Barton Paterson, Simon Petrie, Dorothy Porter, Craig Powell, David P. Reiter, Philip Salom, Janeen Samuel, Miro Sandev, Tim Sinclair, Alex Skovron, Melinda Smith, J. Brunton Stephens, Alan Stewart, John Tranter, John Upton, Rod Usher, Susan Waddell, Rob Walker, Chris Wallace-Crabbe, Samuel Wagan Watson, Mercedes Webb-Pullman, Les Wicks, Sean Williams, SB Wright.

Rapt, I am, to unwrap such a group. Lovely pagefellows to lie between such covers:

a thing

I am really looking forward to the launches now. I’ll post the invitation posters again soon, just in case the list has inspired you to come along and hear some of that group read at either of the launches. (I copied the list by hand and eye, just to refamiliarise myself, so please excuse any typos, which are not in the book!)

8 Responses to “So who is in it?”

  1. Norah said

    I recognise some of the names in there – you are all in good company.

  2. In what sense are the poems “speculative?” Are they science fiction or fantasy?

    • pscottier said

      Indeed, Leigh, there are some that are science fiction, and some that are fantasy poems. There are horror poems and time travel poems. There are poems about ghosts, werewolves, zombies, fairies and mythological figures given a new light.

      There are also poems that evade classification, and some that I would call magic realism.

  3. pscottier said

    Firstly, we had to reject many very interesting poems, both those we found and those submitted to us. That was the least pleasant part of the process, as you would understand.

    As to purchase, it is available at Amazon, or through the publisher.
    Publisher: (IP is based in Queensland.)


    It is probably at Book Depository and other on-line sellers too. Or any book store could order it in. I know it is at Collected Works in Melbourne, but I have the impression that you are not based there, Leigh.

  4. pscottier said
    That’s the actual order page at the publisher’s.

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