A nice reminder

November 18, 2013

…that I am a poet, not just an editing slave-droid.

Judith Beveridge and a madwoman

Judith Beveridge and a madwoman

My collection of poetry, The Cancellation of Clouds (Ginninderra Press) was awarded Second Prize in the Society of Women Writers NSW biennial book awards in Sydney last week. More to the point, one of Australia’s leading poets, Judith Beveridge was the judge. I look forward to reading her thoughtful comments properly, as I was a little too flustered to take in much more than the words ‘quirky’ and ‘muscular’, and there was a lot there that I wanted to consider. Those two words did bring to mind a combined weightlifter and clown with wacky inflatable biceps that squirt people. Multi-skilling, I think they call it. This is really what is wrong with my mind, I suppose; it does go off on trampolines.

I actually read some of my poems at the airport, and I thought, hm, these are not too bad. Then I lifted up another passenger waiting in the bar, while wearing a purple nose. (Red is so yesterday, dahlings.) The book is still available from Ginninderra Press, by the way, if you go here. Scroll to ‘C’ for Cottier. (Or Clown (Multiskilled).)
cancellation cover front only-1

And now, back to the wacky world of editing, which is a bit like juggling diamonds, and a bit like cholera.

11 Responses to “A nice reminder”

  1. nco04662 said

    Congratulations! I love the use you have made of Judith’s comments. It will be interesting to hear what was really meant!

  2. pscottier said

    Thanks Norah!

    It really was a nice break, and I’m looking forward to writing my own work again.

  3. Big congrats! Looking forward to reading it. Love your take on the experience as well.

    • pscottier said

      Thanks Sarah!

      We just sent the manuscript to the publisher. There will be lots of follow up work, but there has been a literal ‘passing over’. Though that sounds a tad Biblical!

      I hope to see you at the ACT Writers Centre Christmas party.

  4. These are (no longer) the droids you seek…

  5. seantheblogonaut said

    I have been meaning to say congratulations, so…congratulations 🙂

  6. […] The poem, ‘Passing beauty’ was originally published at Eureka Street, and then in my second-prize-winning book The Cancellation of Clouds, which can be purchased from Ginninderra Press. Australia’s draw […]

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