I was taking my vocabulary for a walk the other day when it brought back this poem!  On this walk, my vocab. was more a poodle than a pitbull, and as it loves showing off, I decided to please it by publishing the rather silly poem here.

13 words that should be in a poem

Tintinnabulate, with no little white dog.

Albedo, a lemon wedge of sun, no gin.

Froufrou whispering of salons most Prousty

Overheard by stuffy disapproving frowzy.

Bilby, because they’re far better than rabbits.

Gubernatorial, before the Republic erupts!

Autochthonous ditto, when we ditch the Poms,

Just like the Indians, with bulk pappadoms.

Papillae and papillote, for nice soft curly fingers.

Isostasy threatened by two in that line I just writ.

Tectonic as panic rocks this poem’s solidity,

But I pulled it together. Quite sylleptically.

P.S. Cottier

Bad dog! Bad!  Go back and find something more lyrical!