If you are reading this and live in the cities of Melbourne or Canberra, and don’t come to one of these launches, my drone will find you. It sprays honey and drops hungry wasps.

Just saying…

Click on the relevant poster to enlarge. Clever people manage to enlarge things before posting, but I am not at all geekish.

I have yet to receive any books, but I am sure that will happen soon.

I have my longest poem ever up at Verity La.
It is a list poem called ‘100 holes in my bucket’. Enjoy! I like this one quite a lot.

Here is a link to a poem by me called ‘My Stalker’, just published on journal Verity La:


I know this means that you have to click the link, dear reader, but it will take you to a beautifully designed and seductive on-line journal.

Here I am contemplating the passing of time...

Here I am contemplating the passing of time…

Or, if you prefer, click this link, and see what poets in New Zealand have been doing:

Tuesday Poem

Here’s a link to a new review of Triptych Poets Issue Three: http://verityla.com/peaks-from-start-to-finish-blemish-books-triptych-poets-issue-three/ in Verity La, an Australian journal. Tim Jones also reviewed the book previously, on his blog. Way back in November.

Spoiler alert: Mark William Jackson likes it!


Now, it may be just a tad late to stuff it into someone’s stocking in a Christmas related capacity, but why not make your New Year’s Resolution to read more poetry? I intend to read only poetry next year. But that’s just me. I’ll be boring on about that soon. In the meantime, your fingers are moving towards this link. They will press it. You will find that they are delving into your purse or wallet, and extracting your credit card. Somehow, your pesky digits enter your number. And in a while, the book will arrive, with three poets for the price of one. You will kiss your wise fingers, and run out to buy them gloves (should it be cold where you are), or to have a manicure (if, like me, you are a tad vain).

But you will thank your prescient fingers, again and again, as you read the book which Mark William Jackson describes as ‘just straight peaks from start to finish.’

I’m blushing as I paste in that quote, but modesty, they say, is a virtue. So it’s good to parade it.

Christmas. Good. Have.

Verity La, a rather stylish and influential on-line journal, has just published an interview with me, conducted by Duncan Felton. I deal with wonders such as buried cars and elephants’ testicles, inter alia. Why not go and have a read?

Also, in my Napoleonic campaign to take over the blogosphere, I have just had four poems published in Eureka Street. Marvel at tales of Albanian bowels, Julia Gillard’s shoe, discarded rubbish and strong language. Comments are always welcome there, too.

First Verity La, tomorrow the world…