Launches….also Verity La

May 3, 2014

If you are reading this and live in the cities of Melbourne or Canberra, and don’t come to one of these launches, my drone will find you. It sprays honey and drops hungry wasps.

Just saying…

Click on the relevant poster to enlarge. Clever people manage to enlarge things before posting, but I am not at all geekish.

I have yet to receive any books, but I am sure that will happen soon.

I have my longest poem ever up at Verity La.
It is a list poem called ‘100 holes in my bucket’. Enjoy! I like this one quite a lot.

6 Responses to “Launches….also Verity La”

  1. Norah said

    I love this list. It made me smile. I will never do most of these things with you either. But I think I have just done one – written a poem including the word ‘weep’; perhaps I should weep?
    I’m a little confused at the repetition of teen numbers though and wonder it’s significance. Is it because you’d like to repeat those years, or because they seemed so long?
    I hope you enjoy your launches. They should be very exciting. Unfortunately I am in neither of those cities so won’t be able to attend. However I’m pleased I’ll be able to avoid the hungry wasp drone!

  2. pscottier said

    Well done Norah, I was wondering who would pick that up!

    I wanted the list to read like something put together rapidly, into which mistakes have crept, and to have a slight hint of bungee jumping about it! Up and down and pinging.

    I will forward your comment to the editor.

    And yes, the drones will not be coming your way.

  3. Christian said

    I live neither in Melbourne or Canberra so I’m a no-show in your launches. I like your your brand of poetry though.

  4. A honey-spraying, wasp-dropping drone? Where do I sign up?

    • pscottier said

      Nigel, I am thinking of purchasing a Zeppelin instead of a drone. I will need a pilot. The uniform will be downright spiffy. The pilot will drop the honey and the wasps upon those too lazy or prosaic to attend poetry readings/launches.

      If there is a tragic loss of wasp life, he (or she) will be allowed to say ‘Oh the entomology!’ It’s the major perk of the job. It is, in fact, the only perk.

      If you need a break from writing, or editing, and feel like a new challenge, please consider.

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