A fantastic initiative to encourage quality writing on-line has been announced. The Thiel Grant for On-line Writing will give an Australian blogger $5000 to produce 50 posts in a year on his or her chosen topic.

Here is the link:

Why not put in an application? It will provide a disciplined framework to develop your on-line writing to a higher standard. I sometimes think that any type of good writing is a result of inherent ability, drawn out by the exigencies of routine. Producing a weekly blog post has helped me to become a better writer, but that is an exercise that never stops.

For some reason I am now thinking of Raphael Nadal. Mind you, that happens from time to time to almost everyone, doesn’t it?

And here is a totally inappropriate image for the type of writing they are looking to fund.

I have had a good look at the application form and it requires an ability to express oneself concisely, rather than provide pages and pages of documents. All very appropriate for a blogger, methinks.

It would be churlish not to share this information. I now consider myself not to be a churl.

I will shortly announce some more upcoming publications I have this year, including one that was just accepted today, and which is a work in prose! Rewriting this work meant no poem for this week, but next week poetry will reappear.

Routine is a friend, even of the art that takes language and shakes it into new forms.