The Adventures of Aloysius Humblebrag

Aloysius Humblebrag knows little of finance
(Yet his shares would make a Malcolm weep).
Aloysius Humblebrag believes in process
(But his poems are only seen in the Best Places).
Aloysius Humblebrag hates blogs like football
(Though he once wrote a villanelle about football
called “Aiming For Smaller Posts.” So amusing!)
Aloysius loves the working classes
(in Theory, which is an island near Manus).
Aloysius doesn’t read much written by women
(All this stuff about gender is so tedious, he opines.)
Aloysius Humblebrag has composed his epitaph,
and just managed to edit it to tombstone size.
(We all pray that he will publish that very soon.
I, for one, will give it a most positive review.)

P.S. Cottier



We all know poets like Aloysius, I’m sure.

Now I am dragging my exhausted carcass off to try and also write a poem for 365 + 1.  We’ll see if I can last a month; there are people who have been doing it for six months!  That site is well worth a look, although I am finding the process of writing something every day difficult.  Like Aloysius, I love the emphasis on process (really, in my case), but the process must be made concrete during this time, which is challenging.  (The concrete need not be set, but it must at least be mixed and trowelled.)

This blog remains my true sweetheart.