So, eighteen poets wrote a poem…and it is surprisingly good!

The eighteen poets are all members of the Tuesday Poem group, based in New Zealand, and the poem started and ended there and did a world tour in between, visiting such global hotspots as Canberra.

Click here, and read the poem written for the group’s third birthday, called ‘Scratch’.


It’s great to write to a strict deadline sometimes. I’m just about to post a stanza of the Third Tuesday Poem Birthday Poem. Hopefully it will be better than that title, which I just made up. It’s actually called the Third Birthday Communal ‘Jazz’ Poem, to emphasise the aspect of improvisation.

So dog, what rhymes with 'jazzy'?

So dog, what rhymes with ‘jazzy’?

Click this feather to see the poem develop…emerge…crystallise…meld…cook…,no no no; rise, Phoenix-like from the unashed and smokeless computer screen. Mmm, perhaps I need to try that sentence again?

Tuesday Poem

For a person who usually works in isolation, this is quite a rare process. I’m going to go for it…whatever that may mean.

Visit the Tuesday Poem site a few times this week and see how things are going.