No Tuesday poem from me!

September 17, 2012

I am fully focussed on the launch of Triptych Poets Issue 3 on Thursday evening.


(Manuka, Paperchain Books, 6pm.)

So please see me as NASA, pre-launch mode, all nervous nail-biting and tapping. Although I hope I am somewhat less daggy than the average NASA scientist. (No offence.  I’m sure some of them are totally gorgeous, comb-overs or thin ponytails and all.)

Regular readers will notice that I have removed the sticky page introducing myself that has graced my blog since time immemorial.  It seemed a tad dated.

But details of my books and how to order are now on the ABOUT page.  So go there and buy!

And head over to New Zealand for a poetic fix.  Unless you’re in Canberra, in which case, save it for Thursday. And enjoy wine with Josh and myself. And the luvverly publishers, Lesley and Greg of Blemish Books.

6 Responses to “No Tuesday poem from me!”

  1. Have a great launch! I’m taking the book with me on my trip to Golden Bay and Nelson, so I can give it the consideration it deserves without distractions!

  2. pscottier said

    Cool! I’m sure it will enjoy the trip. Is Golden Bay like the Gold Coast?

  3. Good luck Penelope. I’m sure your lively wit will help you to a great take off! Cool name by the way Triptych Poets 🙂

  4. ajponder said

    Good luck – have a fantastic launch, be thinking of you Thursday 🙂

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