Tuesday poem: Three first world concerns

September 27, 2019

Three first world concerns

The scholastic affliction —
virus transmits an urge
to write a PhD

Paleo or vegan diet?
Debate attracts more comments
than Palestine

American spelling triumphs —
well color me cheeks,
what’s wrong with ‘u’?

PS Cottier


This one is inspired by some of the whingey conversations overheard at my local café. Hats off to the woman who was complaining about how expensive marble is in kitchen renovations, as if it was a human rights issue. The second stanza (or pseudo-haiku) is based on newspaper debates on-line.

I do feel an itch of discomfort about American spelling, so the last part is a go at myself. And the sign has no relation to the poem, I think.

3 Responses to “Tuesday poem: Three first world concerns”

  1. Love it! (And sorry that I don’t plug in every Tuesday …. My life is a bit unplugged atm.)

    When will I see you next?

    Yet to read the review. Will do this weekend. Not disinterested nor slack.

    We have a public holiday today courtesy of the Andrews Govt installing one a few years back as Grand Final Eve. I am in my pyjamas in bed after working until 6.30am on an unreasonable deadline. (I wouldn’t agree to this but atm the particular job is a bit of a lifeline re my mental health. Ends in Nov. See electronic signature for a clue as to what. 1-2 days a week.)

    Am doing some other stuff too (all finite but helping me even as I am not able to save at all) but for now I must retire back into True Crime Documentaries on YouTube and do not much else at all.

    Trust you are well and would love to see you.


  2. That is certainly one strange sign!

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