Tuesday poem: On the couch

March 4, 2019

This poem was published last weekend in The Canberra Times, one of the few newspapers to still have a regular ‘corner’ for poetry. You can see ‘corner’ in terms of a place to hide, or the place where boxers go between rounds. I prefer the latter idea!

The poetry section is edited by the indefatigable Lizz Murphy, who also has a blog.

UPDATE: The Canberra Times will soon be open for submissions of poetry. The editor is particularly interested in work by Indigenous poets. Here are some details.

4 Responses to “Tuesday poem: On the couch”

  1. So warm. I love it. Perfect moving into Autumn poem too.

  2. pscottier said

    Thanks Sarah! Sometimes staring at a drink makes a change from stargazing!

  3. I like what I am glimpsing here and love the last sentence….starting ‘You are quietly happy….Today I shall allow my soul to pick its faint ears up and see what happens after a romp on the beach with it!

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