Tuesday poem: (Old green turtle)

July 1, 2017

Old green turtle
round mummy in plastic
excess drowning

PS Cottier


Not exactly the type of turtle I had in mind, but a very nice illustration. I think I should lay off the plastic, as this is the second poem in the last few months dealing with that material, but there’s just a lot of it about!

Sorry for recent silence here. Hopefully things are picking up again. (To use a vaguely plastic sounding metaphor.)

3 Responses to “Tuesday poem: (Old green turtle)”

  1. This wee poem is an wakeup call. The thought of a turtle drowning in plastic is so horrific! However,The illustration is truly beautiful.

  2. A… wakeup call 🙂

    • pscottier said

      Thank you, Helen. I think they mostly die from eating plastic, which they think is squid.

      Old Book Illustrations is a great resource for bloggers!

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