Tuesday poem: First in a long series of nasty little poems

April 12, 2016

She would surely
free the refugees —
but mostly those
with nice table manners.

P.S. Cottier


Based on overhearing a conversation at a café about how ‘we’ could take in more refugees if only they would ‘assimilate into mainstream society’.  I said nothing, but write this in true esprit de l’escalier.   It’s almost an aphorism, rather than a poem, isn’t it?

6 Responses to “Tuesday poem: First in a long series of nasty little poems”

  1. pscottier said

    Thank you! I was aiming for sarcastic and nasty, but that can be lovely, in its own way. (-:

  2. Michele Seminara said

    An amuse-bouche! I look forward to the next in the nasty little series. 😉

  3. pscottier said

    Merci, Michele. There has been a sudden outburst of French here!

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