Tuesday Poem: Nothing continued to happen

February 29, 2016

Nothing continued to happen
until Nothing yawned
and wrapped himself
in a thick blank shawl
of mere nothingness.
An Emperor of Nothing,
the Prince of Nomark,
he went on simply not being
Nothing very much at all.

P.S. Cottier


As my energy levels are low (although not quite down to nothing) at the moment I thought I might post this wee poem about nothing very much at all.  You know it makes nonsense.

Some more sensible poets are still posting substantial things.  Why not have a look?

10 Responses to “Tuesday Poem: Nothing continued to happen”

  1. Aw. Maybe it’s the weather. I’m very fond of nothingness myself. it’s definitely full of all sorts of interesting possibilities and that’s definitely something…so enjoy.

  2. pscottier said

    Yes, but my poetry is usually marked by too much going on, so I’m a tad frightened of this nothing stuff.

    But I did have fun dressing Nothing in more Nothing, Helen.

  3. It’s the oncoming winter of your discontent. 😀

  4. Michele Seminara said

    As a Bhuddhist I am very partial to nothings and emptinesses. I think if we all ‘went on simply not being’ the world would be in a better state. We’re all too full of ourselves, that’s what. Like nothing, this poem lacks subject, but not meaning.

    • pscottier said

      Thanks Sean and Michele,

      I was going to go more Richard but my brain was limping…

      The idea of nothingness is appealing, but my brain thrives on stuffing itself and mad chooking. I agree that we are all too full of ourselves; humility is a desirable, if not feasible, trait.

  5. Hmm limping brain, perhaps a bike ride and a listen to the Scottish Poetry Podcast?

  6. Helen Lowe said

    I ‘get’ the ennui, Penelope — but I hope your tthis week livened you up. 🙂

  7. Helen Lowe said

    That should have read “your interview this week livened you up.” Some ennui in my typing fingers, perhaps…

    • pscottier said

      No worries, Helen. I did enjoy the interview with Josh, and, as I said there, it’s good to do something new.

      I also did my best ever effort on the leg press today, so things are looking up!

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