Tuesday poem: Budgerigar redux

October 26, 2015


Ten million green commas punctuate blue sky,
quick breaths of swooping wonder, multiplied.
Water-hole is your target; liquid rope pulls you
and the whole emerald sky is diving,
as miniature bodies scoop down to pool.
Your individual markings have taken you
further than native flight; outside the Louvre
I saw you, cold, trying to break in, as pointillist
as Pissarro, but so acrylic in your finish.
Proud but damp escapee from French balcony,
regretting the lost seed and the found liberty.
Plump and fresh, I have heard you were good eating,
a winging fast food charred to a turn;
as far from stringy battery chook as fingers in the fire.
Most know you singly: whistling in cages,
bowing and bobbing, rattling plastic mirrors.
Driven mad you ring and ring chink-chinky bells
or make love to that hard, hard-to-get reflection.

What joy to see you
just once, as you swoop,
one stitch amongst the tapestry,
a blade of grass in feathered turf carpet,
magically landing,
transforming dreary waterside
with that fallen sward of Eire.
Swift dragon of twenty million wings,
fluorescing with your simple, beak-filled joys.

P.S. Cottier


As to the redux, this poem was posted here once before, a couple of years ago. But it deserves a new airing. The photo shows my new budgie, more pastel than the wild bird’s near-emerald. He was bought with the seeds of poetry. I am now spending my life moving his cage around and letting him out in safe places, away from my dogs.

His name is Chomp.

Next week I promise to use words that rest on a thin perch of ideas, as the last twos paras were totally and tragically Facebook. Status: idiotic.

In the meantime, fly your way to New Zealand. (She inserts something witty and slightly patriotic about rugby finals. There is a poem to be written about that, but not here, not this week. Though ‘The Ode of David Pocock’s Calf’ has potential. I’m seeing Victory born from its swelling pregnant muscles.)

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5 Responses to “Tuesday poem: Budgerigar redux”

  1. Michele Seminara said

    Lovely lovely poem! Also, I have been reading your The Stars Like Sand anthology recently — what a great book! Really enjoying it.

    • pscottier said

      Thank you Michele…Tim Jones, fellow editor of Stars Like Sand is also a Tuesday Poet, and I’ll make sure he reads your comment.

      • Michele Seminara said

        Thanks Penelope. I really enjoyed reading both of your introductions to the book. And you clearly enjoyed bouncing your ideas off each other! A really enjoyable (not just worthy, or well-written or important, although also all of these) book of poetry, which is rare!

  2. pscottier said

    I like to think that we broke some new ground. A bit like Matt Damon growing potatoes on Mars, but wordier.

  3. I agree, Michele – a lovely poem! I do wonder whether calling your budgie “Chomp” isn’t tempting dog-shaped fate, though…

    Thanks also for your kind comments on “The Stars Like Sand”. Putting it together was a lot of work, but also a lot of fun!

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