Tuesday poem: A parachute of avocados

October 19, 2015

A parachute of avocados, plunging through dipping air;

fifteen seconds to wonder if persimmons would have been a better choice;

five seconds to understand the grounding nature of vegetables;

and you plant yourself, scattered red nasturtium, sprinkled on salad of lawn.

P.S. Cottier


And they say that salad is good for you! I think this weirdness started because I was thinking about how silk-worms (from the cocoons of which parachutes can be made) eat mulberry leaves.

I read somewhere that the plural of avocado can be avocadi, but that’s just ridiculous. And if anyone points out that avos and persimmons are fruit, not veggies, I shall have to use the word ‘pedant’. Just sayin’

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You could also colour in the balloons in the picture light green, if that sort of thing is your cup of guacamole. Now I’m off to construct a helicopter of carrot sticks.

UPDATE: Thanks to Helen McInlay for noticing that I had spelt nasturtium incorrectly! All good now.

2 Responses to “Tuesday poem: A parachute of avocados”

  1. I’d love to know what inspired this. Wonderful illustration too.

  2. pscottier said

    General weird brain syndrome, Helen!

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