Tuesday poem: Wattle

September 7, 2015


Confetti throws handfuls of self
against ecstatic sky
cheering its union with blue.

This is no watercolour plant.
Each bubble blown is distinct
a life born from Winter’s death.

I look at the tree and see God, hear
a choir of yellow lungs, inflated.
But then again, I’m not allergic.

P.S. Cottier

I will avoid any puns using the word spring in this post, however hard that is for me. Tonight (Tuesday) I’m reading at The Gods on the ANU campus (a short distance form the Australian National Botanic Gardens, where I photographed the wattle), with Melinda Smith and Owen Bullock. I am reading mostly new material. I am finding it easy to write at the moment, which has to be a Good Thing. I just hope that it’s not a sudden blaze, fading as quickly as a wattle.

Good to see that I am keeping my glorious pessimism well watered! It’s like a wattle, but beige, and it smells a bit like very well used socks.

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2 Responses to “Tuesday poem: Wattle”

  1. Geoff said

    I like the reference to well used socks … nice to hear you and the other poets (Yolanda and Owen?) last night at the Gods

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