Peace, tolerance and understanding

August 28, 2015

…and a very quiet dress bought, appropriately, at a church fete.
quiet dress

Just got back from Melbourne where I was awarded third prize in the Australian Catholic University’s Poetry Prize, on the topic ‘Peace, Tolerance and Understanding’. I wrote an angry, occasionally funny poem on the topic, called ‘Route 9’, which I may post at a later date. I tried to embody the way we judge people by appearances in a narrative poem, so my raving on about clothes is almost relevant. I just saw an article in City News about the awards:
(The City is question in Canberra, not Melbourne.)

First prize was awarded to Kristen Lang, and second prize to Josephine Wilson. The judge was Kevin Hart. A lovely book of the poems was produced by the university, with a cover designed by Chandler Brooks-Smith. I think that producing such a book is a great initiative, as it allows a full exploration of the topic. It is humbling to see how good many of the short-listed poets works are; I particularly like ‘Little Pup’ by Heather Taylor Johnson.

Thank you to Moya Pacey, who took the photo, and who has a very strong and intelligent poem in the book.

Prize winners were asked to read our poems right at the end of proceedings. Because of the Copious Free Wine, my brain resembled my dress by that stage…but I managed.

I will put my $1000 towards a new computer, so I can produce more angry and funny poetry about social justice, politics and perceptions. And read them out wearing really quiet dresses.

Speaking of which (I segue like a devil on speed) I am reading at The Gods on September 8, along with Owen Bullock and Melinda Smith. Hopefully the Anglican Church where I scored that dress will be having an early fete this year. But in the meantime, I’m out to ride my bike in the fresh Canberra air, wearing shabby, comfortable jeans.

9 Responses to “Peace, tolerance and understanding”

  1. Congratulations on the prize, the publication, and the dress!

    • pscottier said

      Thank you Tim.

      I also survived the Big Smoke of Melbourne, which reminds me of Wellington…it was raining.*

      *Traditional Melbourne Weather Joke Requirement Fulfilled.

  2. Michele Seminara said

    Congratulations Penelope! Love the dress, you look absolutely gorgeous, and I can’t wait to read that poem. I did write a poem (at your suggestion) for the prize, but never entered it, as I thought it had absolutely NO chance of winning. I remember you saying you thought the same of yours, but I’m very glad you didn’t take the same defeatist attitude I did! The free wine was, I’m sure, worth the entry fee alone. Wonderful news, and I couldn’t be happier for you. x

    • pscottier said

      Thank you Michele. I thought mine was too action packed and had too strong a narrative. Certainly, some other poems included in the book are more contemplative, but there is a great variety in tone.

      Always worth a go, to sound like an ad for the TAB.

  3. Nice dress, its interesting what people give away for next to nothing. Congrats on the poetry prize as well.

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