Tuesday poem: Is it a haiku?

July 20, 2015

winter strawberries
nipples in snow
limacine dreams

P.S. Cottier

I was tossing up whether to have an image of a slug or a strawberry. Looks like I opted for perky and nice with this Deborah Griscom Passmore painting of a type of strawberry called Parker Earle. Planted in the glorious field we call Public Domain.

Don’t think about that wee poem too much, or rather unpleasant images may occur. By the way, there is no shame in having to look up the word ‘limacine’, which is not a kind of expensive car. I trolled around for ages before I found ‘as ovine is to sheep, X is to slug’. And the word is perfect, I think.

Being a poet is a tough job, but someone has to do it.

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8 Responses to “Tuesday poem: Is it a haiku?”

  1. Michele Seminara said

    Ha! An unexpected, amusing, and rather disconcerting little poem. Wonderful! And yes, I had to look up limacine. The perfect word for the job.

  2. I think you could call this a penku. Thanks for the new word. Not sure strawberries will ever look the same tho.:-)

  3. Some interesting imagery 😀 I’d labelled it a Senryu based on the reference to nipples. 😀

  4. pscottier said

    You *are* Mr Miyagi.

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