Tuesday poem: The asparagus fields of Peru are visible from space

July 7, 2015

The asparagus fields of Peru are visible from space

Little green rockets
counting down pushing up
tips pierce the moon

Ballistic veggies
spears thrown up to satelleyes
sparrowgrass has landed

Green fingers reaching out
Romero horror film
Night of the single crop

P.S. Cottier

The Victorians sometimes referred to asparagus as sparrowgrass:
“‘It’s a stew of tripe,’ said the landlord smacking his lips, ‘and cow-heel,’ smacking them again, ‘and bacon,’ smacking them once more, ‘and steak,’ smacking them for the fourth time, ‘and peas, cauliflowers, new potatoes, and sparrow-grass, all working up together in one delicious gravy.'”

(Dickens The Old Curiosity Shop Chapter 18)

My brain being what it is, I now picture thousands of guinea pigs lost in the vast fields of asparagus…pretty fat guinea pigs.

Whether there is any other poetry of an eco-poetic slant at Tuesday Poem this week, I know not. Read the works of the other Tuesday Poets around the world by pressing here.

photo by Muffet (cc licence attribution generic 2.0 Wikimedia Commons)

11 Responses to “Tuesday poem: The asparagus fields of Peru are visible from space”

  1. catherine.vandermark0@gmail.com said

    Hi Penelope – great poem today thank you – cjv

    Sent from my iPhone


    • pscottier said

      I like to try and look at ecological disasters from a different perspective, and the Lumière bothers came to mind…the moon with the rocket through its eye.

      Thank you for commenting Catherine.

  2. Well it cerainly is a different perspective. Come to think of it if the moon is really made of cheese the two would blend quite well. Your poems are such an interesting combo of whimsy and science fiction.

    • pscottier said

      Thank you Helen! I sometimes try a seasoning of cold, hard fact. Or guinea pig.*

      * I am in fact vegetarian, so no cavies were harmed in the making of this poem.

  3. Michele Seminara said

    Love those ‘satelleyes’!

  4. ‘Night of the single crop.’ I love it!

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