Tuesday Poem: (ute-ku)

February 2, 2015

Back of purple ute —
‘Jesus lives here’
holytray or holycab?

P.S. Cottier

I had a vivid image of Jesus balancing on the back of a tray going round a corner, perhaps holding onto a piece of rope, a little like a tethered kelpie. When he faces the back window of the ute, he can read the sticker saying that he lives there, which would become fairly unfunny quite quickly.

Mary hears about the ute surfing idea and is less than impressed

Mary hears about the ute surfing idea and is less than impressed

For those who would like to write lots of tiny poems, here’s a link to poet SB Wright’s site which has some information about Post-it note poetry. I am proud to say that the ute-ku is my own invention.

For those of you benighted enough not to know what a ‘ute’ is, it is Australian for utility vehicle. The phrase ‘pick-up truck’ is a crude attempt to achieve a similar effect.

Really short poems rarely appear on the blogs of Tuesday Poets. But perhaps there will be another one this week. Press this link and find out.

And if you go here you will find another poem, written in old style English 5/7/5 haiku, about the merits (or limitations) of flash fiction. It is part of the 200th edition of AntipodeanSF. There is also the reprint of a story (a suspiciously prose-poemy story) that was published at AntiSF some time ago.:


The artwork is by “DasWortgewand”, whose real name is Reimund Bertrams. The editor of the journal, Ion Newcombe, just sent this through! Very cool.

2 Responses to “Tuesday Poem: (ute-ku)”

  1. I take it that ute-ku is your adapted version of a haiku.

  2. pscottier said

    Andrew, I just meant a (sort of) haiku about a ute…not a serious new form.

    Thanks for commenting.

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