Sydney Launch of The Stars Like Sand

July 6, 2014

…it’s on Wednesday the 23rd July, 7.30pm at Don Bank House, 6 Napier St, North Sydney.

Hopefully my health will have improved by then, as I am currently sounding like a moth-eaten walrus with a two packets a day habit. Here I am looking a little dumpy:


I will try and haul myself together over the next little while, and magically transform myself into a cultured creature who can read. North Sydney is not my usual part of Sydney; so it will be interesting geographically as well as offering an opportunity to meet more poets. I tend to stay in Glebe when I go to Sydney. Or Newtown.

The launch is being held alongside poetry readings organised by Danny Gardner, so there is a small cover charge for non-contributors.

Do come along, dear Sydney persons. Unfortunately, Tim Jones is poetically ensconced in New Zealand and will not be able to make it, but I’ll be there, as will David Reiter, the publisher.


Here is a link to the Facebook page with lovely photos of the previous launches, and you can navigate from there to a dedicated Sydney launch page, should you so desire.

Or better still, just come along.

7 Responses to “Sydney Launch of The Stars Like Sand”

  1. Kathleen Kituai said

    All the best this …a most interesting collection.

    Look after yourself Penelope … love your latest home photograph

    Best thoughts, Kathy

  2. Sounds like you have had an amazing journey with this book. It’s great to see the pleasure you have had in its making. 🙂 Though you do look a little different a bit wrinklier and you seem to have grown tusks. Enjoy 🙂

    • pscottier said

      Those aren’t tusks, they’re Cuban cigars, Helen…

      I have enjoyed aspects of the book, notably working with Tim, but I wouldn’t throw myself into another one if the offer came up tomorrow. I would roll over onto the person making the offer.

  3. pscottier said

    It’s hard to manage a lighter with those little flippers.

  4. […] I’m very pleased to have been included in such esteemed company. Why not come along to the Sydney launch on the 23rd of July? I’ll be there to read my poem […]

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