Tuesday poem: Alice looks back

April 15, 2014

Alice looks back

Since furniture regained its proper size
and animals ceased to speak;
since teapots evicted rodents
and the Queen became so very nice
I find myself looking back
more and more and more.
Everything now is normaler and normaler,
and normalcy has its limitations.
I play patience, play it out,
wishing that the cards would rise
and assume that manic thinness,
that monarchy would lose itself
in ordering the loss of heads
for no known reason at all.
But we have assumed the robes,
the tight beige robes of logic.
Mathematics begets statistics,
measuring the mundane.
One day we’ll hear again
of these parallel places,
rabbit holes or worm-holes,
and falls into other worlds.
For now, I corset myself in common-sense,
and stuff memory into quotidian hats.

P.S. Cottier

This poem was first published in Eureka Street, and then in my book The Cancellation of Clouds.

Alice in Wonderland is a perfect book; one that can be dipped into again and again. It makes us all flamingos; turning pink as we sup on its immortal shrimp. And if that’s not the worst metaphor you read today, I will eat my quotidian hat.

This feather was dropped by a rare New Zealand flamingo, known for its total lack of defence, unique accent, and inability to fly. Click it to discover more poetry:

Tuesday Poem

Apparently, poetry is the WordPress theme/prompt/challenge for the week. I wrote this before knowing that, but given poetry is my life-long challenge, I’ll sneak in a link anyway.

8 Responses to “Tuesday poem: Alice looks back”

  1. I feel a little like Alice today; but the wormholes are still there, just a little out of sight, I guess.

    • pscottier said

      I was about to recommend gin in a teapot, but I remembered that you are not a great drinker, Harvey. Perhaps a game of cricket with a flamingo? It beats croquet.

  2. I really enjoyed reading your poem.
    Here is an Alice in Wonderland inspired poem of mt own. I hope you like it.
    Paint The Roses, Quickly, Quickly!

    Hurry – hurry!
    The Queen is coming!
    Paint the roses, quickly, quickly.

    Hurry – HURRY!
    I hear her creeping,
    As ever faster my heart is beating!

    Sorry – sorry!
    We’ve failed our duty,
    The Queen has seen us, sadly, badly!

    Hurry – HURRY!
    We must scamper,
    Lest our heads with them she tampers!

    (There is no hurry),
    Our heads are targeted; we’re lost; they’re parted.
    All is calm…

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