Belated Tuesday haiku: [Off to the printers]

April 9, 2014

Off to the printers –
the most beautiful four words
proofing is ended


Well, they are the most beautiful four words to an editor, anyway.

We’re finalising launch details for The Stars Like Sand: Australian Speculative Poetry, edited by Tim Jones and me. There will be a launch in Melbourne, and one in Canberra, both in June. Poets will read poems from their own copies of the book! One editor will probably drink too much! Details to follow. Of the time and venue, not of the drunk editor’s proclivities.

For more sensible entries, I suggest you tap the following feather. Feather-tapping is a thing now.

Tuesday Poem

6 Responses to “Belated Tuesday haiku: [Off to the printers]”

  1. Huge congratulations! Looking forward to the launch, and poems!

  2. Most welcome haiku!
    I am anticipating
    This volume’s release

    • pscottier said

      editors escape!
      the mortal coils of bios
      snake skins in the wind

      Now I have to stop, Simon, and pour myself a stiff drink. Vodka is the answer, I find. The question? Mmm… Can’t quite remember.

      Probably it was something existential and Russian. Drunken Australian poets: Putting the toy in Tolstoy.

  3. […] Sand*, in which my poem ‘At the Dark Matter Zoo’ appears alongside many finer works, is off to the printer and is well on the way to being an actual thing. You should check out her blog post for details, or at least hints, of the upcoming launch etc., […]

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