Tuesday poems: At one remove

December 31, 2013


Zireaux has analysed several of my poems about Canberra in a very thoughtful entry at his blog.

Not everyone turns into a sun-worshipping lizard over Christmas and New Year, swinging in a hammock and watching England snatch defeat from the jaws of a possible draw, as happened at the MCG recently. Or Zireaux hasn’t, anyway.

May I suggest you pop over to his blog? He has certainly thought more about my poetry than I ever have!

Rodrigo will tango, not tap

Rodrigo will tango, not tap

That is actually a photograph of me at the moment, not another walrus by the name of Rodrigo. You should see the size of the hammock…

Click this feather to see which of the Tuesday poets are lizards or walruses, and which are active at this time of year:

Tuesday Poem

5 Responses to “Tuesday poems: At one remove”

  1. Thanks for that. It was an entertaining read.

  2. pscottier said

    It’s working now! I tried from a small holiday town on the beach where there are often problems with communications over summer, due to the large numbers of people trying to use devices. That may have been the problem.

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