Tuesday poem: Clumsy in love

December 2, 2013

Clumsy in love

Clumsy wears ug boots, where others don high heels,
or light reflective slippers of glass. They waltz,
all Straussy and fine in white, with froufrou and swish.
Clumsy stomps. Even his sheepskin words betray him.
He muffles passion in good intention, dags love
in a brown blanket of nag. Clumsy would be lacy,
suggestive, a slight touch between eyelash and wink.
But his eagerness clutches and grabs, rummages
for a lost gold key of ease. He speaks words
subtle as a losing barracker at three-quarter time,
pie’s warm filling dripping onto his mind’s feet.
Dreams subsist, nonetheless, in quiet fleecy nights.

P.S. Cottier


A brand new poem, this one. Unsullied by previous publication, or heavy editorial touch.

I notice that, as the temperature climbs in Canberra, my blog has had snow added by WordPress in North America. I’m leaving it here, as it amuses me to be sitting in 30 or even 40 degree heat (that’s celsius) and look at this cold confetti thrown over my words.

Particularly when the words are dealing with a person who is unlucky in love, for whom cold confetti seems appropriate.

The word ‘dags’ by the way, is usually a noun, here pressed into service as a verb by the pesky sheepdog of experiment. Look it up if you dare.

Click this black swan feather, and check out New Zealand’s peaks of poeticness. Poeticity. Rhymsteration? Just do it.

Tuesday Poem

By the way, we have sent the manuscript of The Stars Like Sand: Australian Speculative Poetry, to the publisher, David Reiter of Interactive Publications. There will still be a lot of checking and fiddling, but as I said in a comment to the last post here, it has moved out of our grasp. I have enjoyed aspects of this process, namely, reading the poems, placing them in what seems to be pleasing patterns, and writing the introduction. Other aspects are more tedious!

I don’t think I’ll rush into anthologising again for a while.

The most amazing thing is that Tim Jones didn’t murder me at some stage in the process. Although, to be fair, I think I have slightly more of a temper on me…He is almost annoyingly patient.

This lack of murder is one of the benefits of working with someone from another country.

2 Responses to “Tuesday poem: Clumsy in love”

  1. nco04662 said

    Love your imagery “brown blanket of nag”. Such a great picture it all conjures up.
    Thanks for letting me know about the snow. It’s pretty “cool”. I had been wondering how you did it. WordPress didn’t do it for me! (or not that I’ve noticed!)

  2. pscottier said

    Perhaps I’m hallucinating…the heat….the snow….

    Actually, Canberra has had a cold snap and temperatures have plummeted, so perhaps I imagined the snow. I’m suddenly psychic.

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