Tuesday poem: Just may be

May 27, 2013

Just may be

Just may be, out there, there’s another place
where mammals are the exception,
and green marsupials lie on towels
and listen to the orange surf,
as the unspeakable snags roast on the fire
and idly glance up to the unraked sky
where the stars like sand tell rumours
of the other, possible places that we call here.

P.S. Cottier

A slightly more subtle approach might be appreciated

Yes, it’s speculative, and I am Australian, and therefore my little poem could be considered for The Stars Like Sand, an anthology of Australian speculative poetry, submissions to which close on 4th June*. Here, one more time, is the link to the full submission guidelines. I am arguably a little odd in putting up another reminder, as we have already received a large number of poems. But Tim Jones and myself, as editors, are the very embodiments of the desire for greater and greater amounts of work. We would like to have even a fuller swag into which we can reach, rummage, and draw out the ingredients for intensely difficult decisions. Send in your poems, Australian poets.

Our historical research is turning up wonderful poems, too, which makes things even more delightfully difficult.

*Note that poems need not contain roos or barbeques to qualify. This one just happens to contain these glorious elements.

Now, to escape this rampant Australianity, click this feather, and be transported to New Zealand (and to other places), for more poetry:
Tuesday Poem

4 Responses to “Tuesday poem: Just may be”

  1. Green marsupials lying on towels…the Australian norm to be. 🙂
    If this is speculative poetry…I like it! May your swag overflow.

  2. Doneski, unlikely that I will get another done in time 😀

    I shall spread the word though

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