Fun at Conflux

April 26, 2013

I’m letting the emails pile up and ignoring everything to attend Conflux, the science fiction convention here in Canberra. There was a steampunk high tea yesterday afternoon, which allowed me to don a hat that has graced my wardrobe for some time:

Off with her head!

Off with her head!

Today I have attended two panels; one on publishing and one on horror and the body. Tonight I’m doing a poetry reading, so I’ve escaped for lunch and to get my thoughts together. Then back into the fray.

I really admire those who attend everything possible at conventions; I just lack the stamina.

So far it has been a terrific convention. And it gave me an excuse to wear that hat…

UPDATE: We were a small but enthusiastic group of poetry lovers at the reading, so I turned the chairs around and we had a more casual event. Enjoyed it immensely, and assembling all my speculative poetry made me realise that I have enough for a small collection of my poetry in hat field. Sorry. That field.


Heard Sean Williams talk about TM, which existed long before Scotty beamed up Kirk.

Heard Nalo Hopkinson talk about her early writing career.

Attended an interesting panel on appropriating the sacred.

Caught up with various people, including Gillian Polack.

I’m stuffed, to put it in a most non-poetic way. (Although I am not the sort of poet who tends toward the flowery. Unless that flower be a pavement daisy. Yes, you may sneer at that, in a sneery way.)

5 Responses to “Fun at Conflux”

  1. seantheblogonaut said

    Insanely jealous of you at the moment 😀

  2. seantheblogonaut said

    Well being male my hat wear is limited so there is perhpas a slight jealousy there, but yes jealous about the convention:(. Mind you it took me a week to get over the last one so cilver lining and all that 😀

    • pscottier said

      Interestingly, because there is a Steampunk them, some men are in vaguely Victorian hats, which are quite elaborate. (Victorian means in style, not morality. Nor does it mean beanies for AFL teams.)

      But I must stop the hat theme, or people might think I’m frivolous and vain. (-:

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