Shopping list poem

April 18, 2013

Horror novelist Kaaron Warren, who is not at all horrible, has just posted a short poem of mine on her blog, with a Very Snappy Title:
‘A Short Poem Inspired by Two Shopping Lists Found Hidden Inside a Cookbook Purchased at the Lifeline Bookfair by Kaaron Warren, Novelist, March 2013’.

That word snappy is a very bad joke, which you will not understand unless you look at the poem. Here’s the link:

Kaaron’s novel Slights is really truly scary, and I recommend you chase it up. It is horror in a true sense.

The woman herself is the Special Guest at the Conflux SF convention next week in Canberra, and I hope to hear her read and perform on panels there. Here is the Conflux link: This is the Australian national science fiction convention this year.

I hear there is a poet reading too, but that may just be a rumour…


7 Responses to “Shopping list poem”

  1. seantheblogonaut said

    Kaaron is lovely and sadly I will not be in Canberra this year to shout her a coffee I’m sure I owe.

  2. pscottier said

    No, not yet, and not this year, as I’m only reading poetry. But I look forward to reading more of her oeuvre.

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