Lots of prose about poetry

March 26, 2013

I’ve had two articles published in other places this week, talking about the wonders of poetry, in prose.

Here is a link to a launch speech I gave last year for the pamphlet In Response to Magpies. It deals with that most Australian of birds, its colonial conquests, and some very well known poets. That’s in the Australian Poetry members magazine, called Sotto.

This second link is to the ACT Writers Centre blog, where I mentally swear at a stupid person, and talk about Byron, as per usual. It is a defence of poetry. It contains jokes.


So busy have I been writing prose about poetry that I have no Tuesday poem for you today! But fear not. Click this feather, and other poets will satisfy your cravings:

Tuesday Poem

Next week, the third anniversary of the Tuesday Poem group, we will be writing a joint poem, starting on Tuesday, to be posted gradually at that link as each poet writes a section. It should be a lot of fun!

Have a wonderful, reflective and chocolate flavoured Easter.

2 Responses to “Lots of prose about poetry”

  1. I really like the in Response to Magpies collection — loved your launch speech, bad puns and all, which I’ve now read and made notes from. And the cover art looked beautiful too.

  2. pscottier said

    Apparently they’ve already sold about 200 copies of the pamphlet and may be reprinting, Michelle.

    People do like feathered poems!

    Glad you chased the speech and enjoyed it.

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