Tuesday poem, and doings in Yass

March 18, 2013

Today I edit the main blog post of Tuesday Poem, and it’s a wonderful work by Hal Judge that takes centre stage. Click this feather to read his poem:

Tuesday Poem


On Sunday I drove out to Yass, about 50 minutes from Canberra, where the inaugural Yass Show Poetry competition was held. I had entered a poem in the adult contemporary written category; a free verse poem about Banjo Paterson who lived in Yass as a child, and later in his life.

There was also a bush poetry section, a performance section, a children’s section, and an open mic. We read next to the exhibit of prize wool clips, and the smell of the wool permeated the readings. Here I am with Lizz Murphy, who lives at Binalong in the Yass Valley, and who has had many books of poetry published:
Lizz and me at Yass
Sorry about the light in that photo! I am doing my best impression of a drunken owl, too, although not a dram had been taken.

I was a little nervous reading my free verse poem in a rural setting, but it was well received, and the judge, Robyn Cadwallader, was kind enough to have awarded me first prize in the written section. I listened to her very thorough judge’s report after winning and took in about 5% of what she said; I hope I get a chance to read the report. Here I am leaving the stage after reading:

Thank you to another Robyn, Robyn Sykes, for organising the event.

UPDATE: Robyn Sykes sent me a copy of the judge’s report before this was posted. Will read it at my leisure.

9 Responses to “Tuesday poem, and doings in Yass”

  1. Lizz said

    Congratulations PS. A very fine top trio of poets it was indeed. Btw don’t know about you but I was knackered after all that shearing 🙂

  2. pscottier said

    I shouldn’t have looked around –
    Cos I was beaten by a blow
    And cursed the old ringer
    With the bare belly Jo.

    Or something like that, Lizz…

  3. pscottier said

    And because I don’t like getting things wrong:

    ‘Click go the shears boys, click, click, click,
    Wide is his blow and his hands move quick,
    The ringer looks around and is beaten by a blow,
    And curses the old snagger with the bare-bellied yoe.’

  4. Good on you Penelope. great edit this week too. 🙂

  5. Congratulations, Penelope! Sounds like a great poetry gathering. And I’m still pondering the poem this week at the Hub — wonderful contribution!

  6. Congratulations, Penelope. Is Yass on the coast or am I confusing it with somewhere else? I once surfed a beach in northern NSW starting with Y.

    Have a Happy World Poetry Day.


    Andrew Bell

  7. pscottier said

    Thank you Michelle and Andrew.

    Andrew, the only thing you could surf in Yass would be the river, or the backs of sheep, like a kelpie. Very inland. The closest beach to Canberra is 2 hours’ drive away, just in case we were invaded by, I don’t know, New Zealand or someone.

  8. […] was challenging and theatrical. More conveniently for this post, within a few days of that event, I attended a bush poetry performance in Yass. (Segues as subtle as cane toads abound in my […]

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