Tuesday poems: seven dwarfs

May 21, 2012


Aladdin’s café
health foods, humous, saffron
Open Sesame

haiku yakuza
execute punctuation!
killer formalists

If poetry
is the mouth
critics pulling
are needle-mad dentists

Grey ghosts of planes
winding down to Gitmo
cigar smoke blows

Bonsai triffids
cut down to flowerpots
balcony stings

Sun fishing
gravity snags planets
hook bites deep

Manga and cartoon
smooth cheese and wasabi
spreading mayhem

P.S. Cottier

They breed like mice (dwarf, gnome, same difference…)

Now, that’s value for you!

Why not click this feather and see if any other Tuesday poet has been playing Snow White?

Tuesday Poem

7 Responses to “Tuesday poems: seven dwarfs”

  1. I like those dwarfs spreading mahem.

  2. pscottier said

    Thery’re feral little things, Michelle. I try and kill them by leaving out beer traps, but they just get drunk.

  3. Hmm…it’s very free isn’t it! I do like the idea of gnome dwarfs spreading wasabi especially at this time of year. It keeps the cold away.

    • pscottier said

      I am so sick of cold already, and it’s not even winter. Sigh. Actually, these seven poems were written quite separately, then roped together with a fantasy lasso. Well spotted! But as we agreed on another poet’s blog, who needs consistency? It’s mental chewing gum.

  4. ajponder said

    So many dwarves – so many characters to play with. Nice job – I hope they find their snow white 😉

  5. ajponder said

    So many great personalities – I do hope they find their snow white – if not who cna blame them for spreading a little mayhem 😉

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