Tuesday poem: Thirteen reasons for burning her

December 19, 2011

Tuesday Poem


Thirteen reasons for burning her

One irrevocable stutter from left-handed mouth,
forever failing to birth ovate words.
Seven skin tags, crooked nipples of flesh,
sprouting from her sordid shoulders.
(For the Devil to suck from behind
for his greater convenience. Many teated sow.)
Three companions inside her cottage:
wrinkly goat, grey cat (black in smoked disguise), inexplicable toad.
Fluency with rare herbs, no flustered stutter there.
And a bovate of best land, just beside the river.

P.S. Cottier

From The Glass Violin

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8 Responses to “Tuesday poem: Thirteen reasons for burning her”

  1. Mary said

    Whoa – dark poem! Powerful. Thanks, PS, for stopping me in my tracks.

  2. A. J. said

    Snow and Flame – Very Christmassy 😉

    And a nicely dark poem.

    Cheers and Seasons Greetings. Have a great Holiday.

  3. The website’s snow provides interesting paratextuality, especially when it collides with this poem. Wonderful! Have a safe holiday season.

  4. Excellent – love the use of language to create that sense of menace. Sad to think of all those women who were burned as witches. Might have been me once!

  5. pscottier said

    AJ and Orchid,
    The snow just appeared, sent by WordPress in the Northern Hemisphere, but I quite like it. There’s one photo of me nursing a drink, and I keep hoping a flake will fall into that.

    I obviously have too much time on my hands.

  6. Helen Lowe said

    A very apposite poem given the ‘news from everywhere.’ I appreciated the darkness of the theme and power of the language.

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