‘Progress’ by P.S. Cottier

December 12, 2011

Tuesday Poem


When I turned twenty

I thought the world could be changed

like a pair of jeans, a little dirty

at the knees, fraying at simple seams.

Emergent detergent left

the great unwashed.


Thirty, I decided to be a lawyer

who’d unmask justice,

let her see into dark corners

with right vision goggles.

I stand convicted

of blank stupidity.


At forty, I realised

I’d better decide what I’d be

when I grew up.

Too late for Wimbledon,

I made a poetic racket,

served and volleyed

just inside the lines.


I’m still following through.

P.S. Cottier

This poem appeared in my first collection of poetry called The Glass Violin, launched in February 2009.  I will be posting a poem on this blog every Tuesday from now on, either my own or someone else’s, as part of a group of poets who try to do the same thing.  Most of the poets are from New Zealand, with a sprinkling of Americans, a seasoning of Italians, and a shake of Australians.  If you would like to check out the other poems, click on the quill above, or here. That will take you to the Tuesday Poet hub.

Update: I brilliantly managed to post this on Monday, not Tuesday, but hopefully, by next week I’ll get that right.

14 Responses to “‘Progress’ by P.S. Cottier”

  1. Tim Jones said

    Having read and enjoyed “The Cancellation of Clouds”, I like the way you drive your poetic serves and volleys right to the edges of the court – it keeps line umpire and reader alike guessing!

  2. Elizabeth said

    There’s a fabulous honesty to this poem. I’m looking forward to reading more. Welcome to Tuesday Poem – it’s great to have you on-board!

  3. A. J. said

    Lovely to see you on the Tuesday blog -I particularly liked the ending – so looking forward to more serves from you in the future.

  4. What a lovely blog. Welcome to the Tuesday Poem circle. I’m looking forward to returning to your blog in the future. Best wishes for the holidays.

  5. Helen Lowe said

    Welcome to the Tuesday Poem blog P.S.–I shall look forward to more of your poems.

  6. Really like your work – and empathized with the poem here. I don’t know about following through – I’m still stumbling around on the baseline adjusting my grip!!!
    Welcome to the Tuesday Poets – it’s a great thing to be part of!

  7. pscottier said

    Sometimes I feel more like a ball-boy (or girl, I suppose) just watching the big poets play.

    I look forward to being part of the Tuesday Poets.

  8. Keith Westwater said

    Welcome to the Tuesday Poem. Am looking forward to reading more of your poems on poetry-writing as tennis (or any other sport or non-sport).


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