Better than green: Beating OPEC

May 13, 2011

Here’s my suggestion for a new power source.  I’ll be registering a patent soon.

must speak to my accountant...

Beating OPEC

Harnessing the energy of horror fans at cinemas

as dread zombies excavate warm bodies for dinners,

or vampires provide certain proof

that red and black fit neck in tooth;

this was my brilliant idea for a new power source.

Tingling fear explodes as the thick crimson sauce

splatters, or green mutant rats emerge from sewers.

Darker than oil, those cries of shivering viewers,

tinged with the delicious free energy of fear.

The true beauty was that they had no idea

that they generated watts with loud gusts of ‘No!’

and their howling winds of scream. I watched them grow,

my bank accounts, fed on those quivering masses

whose renewable angst was cheaper than gases.

Alas! Times changed, and romantic comedy smirks

where once deep slash movies bled. It certainly irks

to see the dark side fade out and my cash-flow cease,

and our total reliance on imported dear grease.

P.S. Cottier

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