Modern Jesus

August 5, 2010


Ten moments in the life of modern Jesus

1.  At the bowls club, selling raffle tickets;

2.  Not voting for blustery Christians;

3.  Trying to eat vegetarian (locusts were never much chop);

4.  Sipping light beer and saying it’s just as good;

5.  Riding his bike (unless delivering meals);

6.  Going Anglican to hear the chicks (vocational guidance systems lock on all sorts);

7.  Walking the dogs on Canberra winter mornings (but not always picking up poo);

8.  Buying The Big Issue and reading it;

9.  Studying obituary column poetry and not even thinking of laughing;

10.  Making sure that widows and widowers win the chook raffle (see 1 above) and sharing the meal (despite 3 above).

P.S. Cottier

Thoughts? Carrots? Sticks? Comments? Go ahead!

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