Giant ship-mushrooms in Sydney!!!

February 22, 2010

Just a Captain Cook*

Slick, fertile pages of ever-sunny blooming brochures
slip through her avid fingers. She dreams, charts and plots
trips she can never take. From these drifting mind-spores
she grows a giant ship-mushroom and visits hot-spots;
deep-tanned Fiji, jungly Vanuatu and accented ‘France
of the Pacific’, the model thin, elegant exclamation
of la Nouvelle Calédonie. Oh, the tight clenched dance
she dances, the deep-shelf oceanic love she finds, from
one sun-bathing island to the next! Tough travel agents
recognise addiction, her joyous, fungal procrastination,
and refuse to meet those longing, sea-kissed eyes. Graven
idols, their books are like shiny trinkets flogged at micro-nations.
She knows, they know, she can’t go; only sigh and contemplate
the spiced salad of rain-forest, and the waltz of ideal mate.

P.S. Cottier

*Captain Cook is rhyming slang for look.

2 Responses to “Giant ship-mushrooms in Sydney!!!”

  1. david russell said

    Hi – I remember you from Melbourne Uni and just thought I’d say “Congratulations” on being a writer. It’s a hard life -especially in Australia.
    Not that you need the encouragement but: Keep going! dvr

  2. pscottier said

    Thanks David…
    At least you have reminded me that I have a blog. I’d forgotten…
    Though blogging doesn’t really count as ‘writing’, does it?
    I have another poem in Eureka Street on Tuesday, I think.

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