Tuesday poem: (haiku)

July 16, 2014

sick at the beach
lungs sandblasted
holidays towelled

Continuing the slightly whingey tone that my usually vibrant and witty blog has exhibited lately, I had a week at the beach and I was too sick to swim! I am still sick and on actual medicine! I have not been able to go to the gym for ages! You can’t keep good Aussie germs down, it seems. They are positively marsupial in their popping up when least expected.

I dragged my benighted carcass into town on Sunday, and ran into photographer and person about town Geoffrey Dunn, who asked me to open an exhibition he is having at The Front Gallery here in Canberra. Intriguingly entitled ‘Two Tens and a Tomato’, it includes work by Geoffrey and visual artist and poet Marina Talevski. They have mixed poetry, photography, sculpture and installation into works exploring the written word and visualisations of poetic elements.

I am popping down to the Gallery tonight to check it out, so that I can hopefully say something coherent tomorrow at 7pm.

Hanging out in town with a sign saying ‘Will launch for drink’ has finally paid off…

Here is a photograph of me taken by Mr Dunn. Unfortunately my magic parasol did not keep the germs at bay. Must ask for a refund. From the makers of parasols, not from the photographer.


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Tuesday Poem

Tuesday Poem: Café haiku

February 25, 2014

Umbrellas cup us
in upside down khaki
we sip browner rain

P.S. Cottier

That photograph is of the view of and from Tilley’s, which is less than a five minute walk from my house. When not trapped in the spider’s web of editing, I fly down and write there.

Here, for example, is a draft of this very poem, written at Tilley’s:

Haiku draft

I had never thought before I started writing how the ‘U’ at the beginning of umbrella looks like an umbrella blown inside out. Small step from there to coffee cup, really. (And yes, I realise that those umbrellas are not khaki! Also that ‘in upside down’ is a little clumsy. But it reminds me of a blown umbrella, somehow.)

I am longing to be back with my writing routine, away from the exigencies of editing poets’ biographical notes for The Stars Like Sand. I am not really given to minimalism in poetry, and want the time to sprawl over several stanzas. I am sure the my fellow editor Tim Jones feels the same way in regard to wanting more writing time, although he seems to be involved in a myriad of other activities as well.

For me at the moment it’s edit, gym, drink.

Interspersed with the occasional coffee.

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Tuesday Poem

Tuesday poem: (haiku)

October 29, 2013

Germs hitch-hike
drift in pink balloons
star-man’s lungs

Yes, I’m afraid that use of the wonderful Japanese form of the haiku in these pages (if a blog has pages) is an indication of intense busy-ness. As the anthology The Stars Like Sand: Australian Speculative Poetry demands more of my time, my poor blog has been somewhat neglected. My apologies, dear followers!

This wee SF poem thing was first published in the United States, in Scifaikuest, way back in February 2010.

Press this feather and go to New Zealand, where the hub poem is also about explorers, in a sense. And the country not known as South Canada:
Tuesday Poem

Gloves house hunger
moths make gaping mouths
finger tongues speak


Now that’s me, begloved in gloves which never had fingers, at the launch of Poetry in ACTION yesterday, in front of my poem, ‘April mornings’. ACTION stands for ACT Internal Omnibus Network, by the way. I bet you didn’t know that! (And it just occurred to me that some readers won’t know that ACT stands for Australian Capital Territory, which was set up so that Canberra wasn’t in either New South Wales or Victoria. Most of the ACT is national park.)

If you would like to read this poem properly, along with the other nine poems selected to appear on Canberra buses, please press this link, which will take you to a page within the Arts ACT site.

You can also see the short-listed poems, and children’s poems, if you navigate from that page.

It was beyond freezing in Canberra yesterday. Note the loverly weather outside the bus window in the photograph above. It may snow at the weekend, which is positively un-Australian. Next month, though, I am having a handful of days in sunny Wellington…

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Tuesday Poem


Aladdin’s café
health foods, humous, saffron
Open Sesame

haiku yakuza
execute punctuation!
killer formalists

If poetry
is the mouth
critics pulling
are needle-mad dentists

Grey ghosts of planes
winding down to Gitmo
cigar smoke blows

Bonsai triffids
cut down to flowerpots
balcony stings

Sun fishing
gravity snags planets
hook bites deep

Manga and cartoon
smooth cheese and wasabi
spreading mayhem

P.S. Cottier

They breed like mice (dwarf, gnome, same difference…)

Now, that’s value for you!

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